Whispering Cottages Environmental Policy

We feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful area of England and hope that you too discover and appreciate the beauty of this part of Oxford. To help preserve this part of England and the planet in general, we place great emphasis on this, our Environmental Policy, to reduce our impact and help sustain things for generations to come.

• Management & Marketing:
We are fully committed to the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling in all that we do. We also strongly believe in eliminating the use of chemical based household cleaning products.

To reduce the need for brochures etc, we have developed a comprehensive website that we hope will provide all the information to enable our guests and potential guests to fully inform themselves about Whispering Cottages and whether Whispering Cottages is the right Bed & Breakfast for them. Where we do need to generate information in paper form, this will always be from sustained or recycled paper products.

• Communication:
Our primary method of communication is via email and telephone. We aim to keep paper communications to a minimum. Where we do need to generate information in paper form, this will always be from sustainable or recycled paper products.

• Energy:
There being no gas available in Nuneham Courtenay, Whispering Cottages currently uses electricity for heating, lighting and hot water, as well as an oil fired AGA for cooking. Off peak electricity is used during the night.

We use low energy light bulbs throughout Whispering Cottages and we try to ensure that electrical appliances are not left on standby.

• Air Quality:
To help provide clean air quality, we are a totally no smoking establishment both inside and outside the property.

• Waste:
We aim to reuse, and if this is not possible, recycle as much as possible. We try to buy products and produce with minimal packaging, and packaging that is recyclable or compostable. An example of our reuse policy is the water provided in guest rooms - we do not use plastic water bottles. We provide still water in glass bottles which are filled with filtered water. Each day, if used, these bottles are sterilised and refilled. We compost as much waste as possible. We also use micro fibre cloths for cleaning rather than disposable cloths.

• Purchasing:
Our aim is to use local products and produce wherever possible to help support the local area and minimise movement of goods. Local produce is used in our breakfasts and this is organic where possible. Where we cannot buy locally, we try to source as close as possible and always try to ensure that products and produce is from the UK. Obviously, there are certain items, such as breakfast fruit and juices that are not produced in the UK, so in these circumstances, we always try to source from a local outlet.