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We are delighted to share with you our suppliers who offer us their excellent produce.

Cooper's Oxford Pork

Based in Aston Tirrold, Cooper's Oxford Pork is the home of the Suntrap Herd of Pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs.

The pigs are free range and spend the whole of their lives outdoors in traditional pig arks. They are not ringed, so they are free to fulfil their natural instincts to root and forage, while at the same time having access to shelter from the wind, rain and sun. We currently have some of the pigs grazing in the Harcourt Arboretum, a 3 minute walk from Whispering Cottages, and also at the Little Wittenham Earth Trust, approx. 5 miles from us.

Pregnant sows are moved into a purpose built farrowing shed about a week before the litter is due. There they have ample room to move around when inside as well as access to an outside pen.

Their main feed does not contain growth promoters or chemical additives, They also benefit from a supplement of fresh fruits and vegetables which is believed to enhance the flavour of the meat.

Visit their website: Cooper's Oxford Pork


Dinton Farm

Dinton Farm - Conservation Grade Free Range Eggs - have been produced to the highest standards of welfare and conservation. From the heart of rural Buckinghamshire, the family run farm has always seen welfare and conservation at the top of their agenda and have constantly strived to find new ways to improve their standards. The Conservation Grade, nature-friendly farming accreditation is in recognition of this work. 

Dinton Farm is the only UK hen egg producer with Conservation Grade certification. 

To find out more about Dinton Farm and their Conservation Grade status, contact: Nigel Williams on 01296 680307 or visit their website at: www.dintonfarm.co.uk